I started this blog for me. I think this was going to be my therapy. I was worried about my son and the situations that might happen.

Lucky? Am I or my son lucky because no real issues have happened?

His high school is accepting. He has a boyfriend for just over a year now. He lost no friends. He has gained new friends. This is not the path that was expecting. I am so happy this is the path he is on.

This goes to show, one day at a time. You cannot worry about tomorrow just the here and now.

The next chapter in his life will be finding a job (which he is excited for). A trip in November that is organized with two other schools (extra curricular). None of his friends are going but he doesn’t care. He is a strong independent young man.

Both of my sons have taught me so much. I have a feeling this won’t stop.

Thank you for reading this. I apologize that I don’t post on a regular basis.

Thoughts or comments welcomed.


Good Doctor

Ok the title of this is a bit misleading.

I just watched an episode of the Good Doctor which had a story line on a trans child. I strongly encourage you watch it. The episode aired on February 5th and is called She.

While watching this show, I went through so many emotions. I cried, got angry, heart ached etc.

Let me know what you think after you watch it.

School Trip

The school were James goes is having a field trip in September.  This field trip is at a camp in September for 3 days.  This is great, he is excited and so am I.  As I was looking over the form, the school included a rooming request list.  On the request list, it asks who the student would like to room with.  Great, no problem then came the line student needs to room with same sex.  Ok, this is fine but…….who should James room with?  I know he identifies as a boy but over my dead body will he sleep in a cabin with all boys.  I do understand some parents who have children that identify as girls, might be uncomfortable with James.  The first thing that came to mind is WTF.  I am taking a deep breath and I will wait until August to see what happens.

Identity Party

So the date of the Identity Party is set for this Monday.  James and I are so excited. At one point James took over the planning of the party which is fine. He has decided to serve hamburgers, hot dogs and salad.  He has even planned some games and activities for his friends.  It is going to be small since he decided to have it on the long weekend.  LOL

Friends and family are coming so this will be a good day.

I am so proud of him.