Article about Bathrooms

I am posting a few articles as I believe it is important to be aware of what is taking place around us concerning trans issues.

I heard about the gender-neutral bathrooms proposal for Hamilton Libraries on the radio the other morning.  Here is the article about the proposal.

I would like to know what you think about both articles.

In Love

James is so in love with his boyfriend.  It is so nice to see.  He smiles so much.

I have had James boyfriend sleep over.  Things were fine.  The sleep over did start a conversation about sex.  I didn’t go into much detail but wanted James to think about this.

In my mind, James is still a kid and immature about this.  Then I remember when I was a kid – hence the talk.  LOL

The nights James and I are together, I try to remember what is was happy for in that day.  So often, he will say that he spoke or saw his boyfriend.

Ohhh, to be young and in love.  What a great feeling.


I am outspoken about my family because I am hoping that someone can help me or I can help someone.

I meet this wonderful person who told me about a camp.  The camp is called 10 Oaks. I am thinking about sending James there.

He has never been away for camp but I think it would be a great experience for him.





Sorry for the delay in posting to the blog but much has gone on in our family.

The newest development was the James was being threatened at school.  The person that was threatening James, was his boyfriend’s ex.He thought nothing of it but I thought this was terrible.

I was on the phone to the school first thing in the morning.  The school was amazing helping with this situation.  The school meet with all parties.

In the end, this person is moving schools.  I am happy about this.

I am relieved that nothing happened to James or his boyfriend.  I did have a serious talk to him about threats and how they should not be taken lightly.