I started this blog for me. I think this was going to be my therapy. I was worried about my son and the situations that might happen.

Lucky? Am I or my son lucky because no real issues have happened?

His high school is accepting. He has a boyfriend for just over a year now. He lost no friends. He has gained new friends. This is not the path that was expecting. I am so happy this is the path he is on.

This goes to show, one day at a time. You cannot worry about tomorrow just the here and now.

The next chapter in his life will be finding a job (which he is excited for). A trip in November that is organized with two other schools (extra curricular). None of his friends are going but he doesn’t care. He is a strong independent young man.

Both of my sons have taught me so much. I have a feeling this won’t stop.

Thank you for reading this. I apologize that I don’t post on a regular basis.

Thoughts or comments welcomed.


Good Doctor

Ok the title of this is a bit misleading.

I just watched an episode of the Good Doctor which had a story line on a trans child. I strongly encourage you watch it. The episode aired on February 5th and is called She.

While watching this show, I went through so many emotions. I cried, got angry, heart ached etc.

Let me know what you think after you watch it.