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Identity Party

So the date of the Identity Party is set for this Monday.  James and I are so excited. At one point James took over the planning of the party which is fine. He has decided to serve hamburgers, hot dogs and salad.  He has even planned some games and activities for his friends.  It is going to be small since he decided to have it on the long weekend.  LOL

Friends and family are coming so this will be a good day.

I am so proud of him.

Identity Party

So it has been one year since I gained a son, James.  It’s funny how time flies.  It doesn’t seem possibly. 

James has decided that he wants to have an Identity Party. I am all for this idea and I think it will be fun. Unfortunately, it is too late for this month so it will take place next month. James just wanted to invite the family and then it grew yo his friends but only a few. I am afraid to ask how many now. 

James has decided the menu should be junk food, pop, BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers. He also wants games. He is going yo plan the entire party. The only thing I have to do is soy. ARGH. 

Ideas are welcomed.