Going Out

You would think this is no big deal.  We have done this many times as a family but never with a transchild.  I never gave this any thought.

I am going to lump my experiences thus far in this one post.  I don’t recall which came first but I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Cinpelex (Cineplex)……..depending what Cineplex location you go to things could be fine or not.  The location in Brampton (SilverCity Brampton Cinemas) was not problems because they have a handicapped bathroom.  No problem.  Silly me thought this wouldn’t be a problem at other locations – WRONG.  We went to a location in downtown Toronto (Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas and VIP), we encountered a problem.  The handicapped bathrooms are located inside the gender bathrooms.  James isn’t comfortable going into the ladies and doesn’t want to use men’s by himself yet.  I also don’t feel comfortable.  I hunted down a manager and explained my problem.  They could not come up with a solution so we had to walk to Ryerson University (Ryerson University) to go to the bathroom.  Thank goodness it was not far away.  Does this sound silly?  Why don’t they have a bathroom that trans can use?  Is this fair?  I don’t have all the answers to these question but it definitely annoyed me.

Tucker’s Marketplace (Tucker’s Marketplace)……..we went to the airport location.  AMAZING, nothing but AMAZING.  I spoke to the manager who was on and she didn’t know the solution at that moment but a few minutes later came back with one.  There were two managers on duty – one female and the other male.  One of the managers kept looking into the men’s washroom and when it was empty – one of the managers got us.  The managers ACTUALLY closed the bathroom until he was done.  They both made sure nobody went in and I waited outside with the managers.  They both were so accommodating and I felt they went over and above.  By chance, the President of the company was there and I spoke with him for a few minutes.  He was so nice and understanding. This was the best experience yet.

James  comments – he was so happy with the Tucker’s Marketplace experience. He was not happy with the Cineplex experience.  He has an app on his phone that is called Refuge Restroom which helps a lot. You need WIFI for this app.

Author: transchildren

I am a 47 year old female mom with 2 great sons. This is our story about a transgender child. I have lots to learn. I look forward to this adventure.

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