Talking To Brother and Dad

This was going to be the hard part. James dad isn’t always opened minded. I had no idea what his older brother would say or do. I was worried about telling both of them.  I told them both on the same day he left the note for me.  I was so nervous.

First I told James older brother. I sat him down when he came home from school. James was in his room. I told his brother about the note and let him read it. After he read it, he said ok. I asked if he had any questions and he said no. Wow that was easier than I thought. Believe me the next few weeks would tell a different story.

He said he would try to remember to call his new brother James but it might be hard for him to remember. I told him to try his best. Besides James has ALWAYS corrected the name and pronoun.

I told him I loved him and we will work together as a family.

WOW that was easy. One down and one to go.  Sigh, I expect this to be harder.

James dad came home from work and took a shower. Then we went to a local bar to talk over food and booze. James dad knew something was going on but he would never have guessed this.

After the first beer was done, I gave him the note to read. He didn’t believe what he was reading. It took him a long time to process this. I think he was hoping this was a joke. He thought James could have been a lesbian but not this. Hell, he really didn’t understand what transgender was. I did my best to explain it to him. The limited knowledge that I had from googling that day. I told him to google transgender. To this day he hadn’t. I think he is afraid of what he reads.  That day he said he would support him plus go to the doctors appointments that I was about to set up. To thus day, he thinks it’s a phase. He has mourned the loss of his little girl a bit but not fully as he thinks it’s a phase. Argh.  At least he is willing and that’s all that matters.

I am so proud of James dad. He is handling this better than I had thought.  I am worried what happens when he realizes this is not a phase.

Author: transchildren

I am a 47 year old female mom with 2 great sons. This is our story about a transgender child. I have lots to learn. I look forward to this adventure.

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